10 Tips on How To Boost Metabolism

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Let’s face it, most of us are very unhappy with our bodies and really want to lose weight. We try our best by following diets and trying to exercise yet we only lose a few pounds and then we get stuck. Once that happens we give up and feel guilty for quitting. This cycle continues because we don’t really understand the key to losing weight. We have to speed up our metabolic rate to boost metabolism in order to help our bodies burn more calories than we take in everyday.

It is very easy to say we need to increase our metabolic rate, but even though we know it means we need to burn more calories we don’t always understand the right way to go about it. Yes we know we have to eat less and exercise, but we tried that and it did not work. So here are some great tips on how to boost your metabolism:

1. Interval Training:
This just means that during your workouts you work out like you regularly do for about 5 minutes, then you pump it up and train harder for about 60 seconds and then return to your regular workout. Do this throughout your workouts and you will begin to see a difference. Interval training helps you to train smarter and allows you to actually workout for less time because you are doing it efficiently.

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2. Omega-3s:
Fish is a great source of Omega-3, specifically tuna, salmon and herring. Of course it can also be obtained by supplements. What can Omega-3 do to help me lose weight? Well it helps your body regulate your metabolism by balancing your blood sugar. It also aids in reducing the body’s resistance to leptin, a hormone that helps the body burn fat.

3. Muscle:
Add some weight training to your exercise routine. Muscle will burn calories 50% faster than fat so just by adding some muscle you are increasing your metabolic rate and helping to turn your body into a fat burning machine that works for 24 hours.

4. Green Tea:
We have heard about how green tea helps weight loss before. It was believed that it was the antioxidants found in green tea that was the key to weight loss. However, studies show that the active ingredient in green tea, catechin, may be what actually make green tea such a help in weight loss. Catechins can improve how your body oxidizes fat and and ramp up the energy production.

5. Calories:
Most of us think that we have to go on some type of starvation diet along with our exercise in order to lose weight. However, if you cut down on your calorie intake too much your body will fight back by storing more fat instead of burning it. You need to eat enough calories to match what your metabolic rate is when you are resting. This way your body won’t panic and stop being the fat burning machine you are turning it into.

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6. Afterburn:
After you have a particularly great workout you will experience afterburn. This is when your body takes hours to return to a normal metabolic rate; which means it is a true fat burning machine. Interval training will help to jolt your workouts to the next level and help you reach that afterburn stage.

Girl with vegetables7. Organic Fruits and Veggies:
Yes organic fruits and veggies may cost a little more, but then you are sure you do not have any toxins from pesticides that can slow down your metabolism by interfering with how your thyroid works. Your thyroid is what regulates how fast your metabolism runs so you want to be sure to keep it working correctly.

8. Breakfast:
Yes you have heard it before and you will continue to hear it; eating a good breakfast is essential to weight loss. You need to wake up your metabolism after it has been turned down while you were sleeping. The best way to do this is by eating a good breakfast. Studies have shown that eating breakfast will not only help you lose weight it will also help you to maintain your new weight.

9. Eat More Often:
Yes you did read that right, eat more often. The key is to eat more small portions throughout the day because it helps regulates your blood sugar and prevents insulin spikes, as well as boost metabolism. So go ahead and plan on a few snacks in your day. Keep them at about 300 calories each and reduce your meals accordingly. You will find that you are never starving even with less calories and because your body is burning fat more efficiently you will have more energy.

10. Protein:
Did you know that the body takes twice as long to break down proteins during digestion than other foods? Protein helps you stay full longer which in turn allows you to eat less. And as a bonus, your body uses more energy. Additionally, protein helps to preserve lean body mass allowing your body to be the best fat burner possible.

If you follow these great tips on how to boost metabolism you should be able to lose the weight you want and continue to maintain it. Metabolism really is the secret to losing weight. Pump it up and make it run faster and the body becomes a lean mean fat burning machine.

Low Carbohydrate Snacks to Satisfy Cravings

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One of the best things when it comes to low carb dieting is that there is a snack time. However, you should also create low carbohydrate snacks that fit your diet plan. If you are following a low carb diet like the one at https://easylowcarbdietplan.com, you will be less likely to feel that you need to eat some snacks. However, if you like to eat more than 3 times a day, here are some low carbohydrate snacks ideas to try.

Refrigerated Low Carb Snacks

1. Avocado and Smoked Salmon Roll-ups

Either mashing the avocado with a teaspoon of mayonnaise or rolling up some ripe avocado slices in a smoked salmon will be great. You just need to check the packaging to ensure that the foods are low in carbs and that there aren’t any high carb ingredients that has been added in these foods. Usually, a smoked salmon contains zero to 0.1g of carbs in each slice and 1 average avocado has 2.6g of carbs.

When choosing a mayonnaise, you should avoid low fat mayo and specialty flavored mayo since they are usually higher in carbs. Just buy regular mayos that contain around 0.1g of carbs per teaspoon.

2. Eggs

You can just keep few hard boiled eggs in your refrigerator so that they can be ready to eat in case you need a snack. You can even just cook it when you want something to eat since it is not that long to wait for it to finish. Eggs contain tons of different nutrients and along with other foods, can help to boost your metabolism. You can also make an egg salad and use lettuce leaves to roll it up since this also contains very low amounts of carbohydrates.

3. Cheese

1 slice of hard cheese is a good snack especially for low carb dieters. However, you should just limit eating cheese if the diet program that you are following restricts eating this type of food.

Low Carb Snacks on the Go

1. Jerky

Turkey or Beef jerky contain minimal amount of carbs but you should double check the packaging just to make sure because other brands already contain sugar.

2. Canned Fish

Small cans of tuna or salmon are great snacks for low carb dieters. You just have to make sure that they are canned in oil or salt water without any other ingredients. Just don’t forget to bring with you a can opener.

3. Nuts

Nuts are usually allowed after the first 2 weeks of following a low carb diet. However, you should pick the nuts that you are going to eat and avoid those that contain high carbohydrates such as cashews. Just check on the packaging when buying one to make sure you are eating the right nuts for a low carb dieter.

You can also try those on the go low carb snacks such as the Atkins bars however, experts have proven that it is still better to stick to whole foods since they are healthier and safer.

Low Fat Low Carb Dukan Diet Tips

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One of the extreme low fat low carb diets is the Dukan Diet which has been developed by Dr. Pierre Dukan who is a French doctor. The main principle when it comes to the Dukan Diet is to alternate days of eating pure protein and vegetables with protein foods.

In the first part or days of the Dukan Diet Tips, you will eat nothing but protein foods which contain minimal amount of fat. This is called the attack phase and it will last 2-7 days depending on the starting weight and certain circumstances. During this phase, you will be eating fat free dairy products, tofu and seitan, eggs, turkey and fish, skinless chicken and lean meats.

After the attack phase, you will now proceed to the cruise phase. This is the part when you will follow it until you are able to reach your “true” weight and how long it takes will depend on your starting weight. Half of your days will focus on eating protein rich foods and the other half of your days will still be focused on eating protein rich foods but with added non-starchy vegetables.

During this time, you are still not allowed to eat other foods such as nuts, bread, fruit, rice and cooking fats. You should be careful with snacking, since even low carbohydrate snacks may not qualify for this plan. You would not be able to eat the melon in the picture at the top of this post, only the shrimp and lettuce.

After completing the attack and cruise phase, you will now go to the consolidation phase and this is the phase that will last longer than the cruise phase. It will last over 100 days or 3 months and most of the foods which you are not allowed to eat during the attack phase will be added here in limited quantities.

The phase 4 or the maintenance or the permanent stabilization phase is the last stage of the Dukan diet tips program. In this phase, you can now have a normal diet but you will still need to have at least 1 protein day each week.

In this diet program, it is still important for you to drink at least 5 glasses of water a day to avoid harming your health. You should also workout regularly even if it is just a short walk. It is also recommended for you to take supplements so that your body will have the vitamins and minerals needed for the body to function properly.

One of the main issues that people have with this type of diet program is that several of them don’t like to eat meat that much however, there are still others who love the kind of diet that this program provides because it suits them.

There are also some health professionals who do not agree with the kind of diet that this program provides since it is focused on high protein diet and this can harm the kidneys and liver. See about the dangers of a high protein diet here. However, this can sometimes be solved by drinking plenty of water a day but this low fat low carb diet program should only be followed by those people who have been advised by their physicians to do so. As a matter of fact, it is highly recommended to seek your physician first before following any type of diet program to avoid having health issues in the future.