10 Tips on How To Boost Metabolism

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Let’s face it, most of us are very unhappy with our bodies and really want to lose weight. We try our best by following diets and trying to exercise yet we only lose a few pounds and then we get stuck. Once that happens we give up and feel guilty for quitting. This cycle continues because we don’t really understand the key to losing weight. We have to speed up our metabolic rate to boost metabolism in order to help our bodies burn more calories than we take in everyday.

It is very easy to say we need to increase our metabolic rate, but even though we know it means we need to burn more calories we don’t always understand the right way to go about it. Yes we know we have to eat less and exercise, but we tried that and it did not work. So here are some great tips on how to boost your metabolism:

1. Interval Training:
This just means that during your workouts you work out like you regularly do for about 5 minutes, then you pump it up and train harder for about 60 seconds and then return to your regular workout. Do this throughout your workouts and you will begin to see a difference. Interval training helps you to train smarter and allows you to actually workout for less time because you are doing it efficiently.

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2. Omega-3s:
Fish is a great source of Omega-3, specifically tuna, salmon and herring. Of course it can also be obtained by supplements. What can Omega-3 do to help me lose weight? Well it helps your body regulate your metabolism by balancing your blood sugar. It also aids in reducing the body’s resistance to leptin, a hormone that helps the body burn fat.

3. Muscle:
Add some weight training to your exercise routine. Muscle will burn calories 50% faster than fat so just by adding some muscle you are increasing your metabolic rate and helping to turn your body into a fat burning machine that works for 24 hours.

4. Green Tea:
We have heard about how green tea helps weight loss before. It was believed that it was the antioxidants found in green tea that was the key to weight loss. However, studies show that the active ingredient in green tea, catechin, may be what actually make green tea such a help in weight loss. Catechins can improve how your body oxidizes fat and and ramp up the energy production.

5. Calories:
Most of us think that we have to go on some type of starvation diet along with our exercise in order to lose weight. However, if you cut down on your calorie intake too much your body will fight back by storing more fat instead of burning it. You need to eat enough calories to match what your metabolic rate is when you are resting. This way your body won’t panic and stop being the fat burning machine you are turning it into.

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2 thoughts on “10 Tips on How To Boost Metabolism”

  1. I think the more exercise you do, the faster the metabolism will work.
    However some people have disabilities or health conditions that make it dangerous to exercise, for example heart conditions. Then what?

  2. Some people seem to be born with a high metabolism but this is not necessarily a good thing. They have to eat a lot, they are always hungry, and from what I see, they often eat a lot of unhealthy food, so even if they don’t put on weight, they can have all the problems with heart and such in later life. Those of us with a slower metabolism shouldnt be jelous!

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