10 Tips to Boost Metabolism (2)

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6. Afterburn:
After you have a particularly great workout you will experience afterburn. This is when your body takes hours to return to a normal metabolic rate; which means it is a true fat burning machine. Interval training will help to jolt your workouts to the next level and help you reach that afterburn stage.

Girl with vegetables7. Organic Fruits and Veggies:
Yes organic fruits and veggies may cost a little more, but then you are sure you do not have any toxins from pesticides that can slow down your metabolism by interfering with how your thyroid works. Your thyroid is what regulates how fast your metabolism runs so you want to be sure to keep it working correctly.

8. Breakfast:
Yes you have heard it before and you will continue to hear it; eating a good breakfast is essential to weight loss. You need to wake up your metabolism after it has been turned down while you were sleeping. The best way to do this is by eating a good breakfast. Studies have shown that eating breakfast will not only help you lose weight it will also help you to maintain your new weight.

9. Eat More Often:
Yes you did read that right, eat more often. The key is to eat more small portions throughout the day because it helps regulates your blood sugar and prevents insulin spikes, as well as boost metabolism. So go ahead and plan on a few snacks in your day. Keep them at about 300 calories each and reduce your meals accordingly. You will find that you are never starving even with less calories and because your body is burning fat more efficiently you will have more energy.

10. Protein:
Did you know that the body takes twice as long to break down proteins during digestion than other foods? Protein helps you stay full longer which in turn allows you to eat less. And as a bonus, your body uses more energy. Additionally, protein helps to preserve lean body mass allowing your body to be the best fat burner possible.

If you follow these great tips on how to boost metabolism you should be able to lose the weight you want and continue to maintain it. Metabolism really is the secret to losing weight. Pump it up and make it run faster and the body becomes a lean mean fat burning machine.

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